Mission Statement

To involve, encourage and support Bar Association members, to serve as a liaison to the Marin County courts, and to educate the community and enhance access to legal services.

President's Message
Jan 13, 2022
By Robert Rosborough

Welcome to 2022. And quite a welcome it is. It seems we have more to learn about pandemics. I am hopeful Omicron’s lesson will be shorter than other recent teachings but if we have learned anything, it is to be skeptical of anyone who expresses certainty. I am certain, though (see what I did there?), that flexibility and resilience will continue to be essential to our ability to function, not to mention make progress.

Editor's Introduction
Dec 07, 2021
By Robert Rosborough

Welcome to another year-end issue of the Marin Lawyer, at the end of another pandemic year. I look forward to being able to report on in-person gatherings instead of solely Zoom ones (but don’t forget the summer BBQ at the Way Station!) Any such reporting I do is likely to be in a president’s message since I am MCBA’s incoming president and its outgoing Marin Lawyer editor.

President's Message
Dec 06, 2021
By J. Timothy Nardell

Well, the time has come for my last message to the membership. I’ll try to keep it short. It has been an honor to serve as your president this past year. I came to the presidency with the goals of supporting our association as a vibrant community and building stronger relationships between our association and the broader Marin community, particularly in the area of pro bono legal services.

Dec 03, 2021
By Jenny Schwartz and Menaka Fernando

Labor and employment law in California has been evolving rapidly in recent years. While perhaps not quite as momentous as some recent years, 2021 saw much legislative activity. Read a summary of the most significant legislation as well as significant legislation that either did not pass or that Governor Newsom vetoed since variations of these laws could still be on the horizon for future passage.

Dec 03, 2021
By Joel Gumbiner

It is an exciting time of the year for “new law” buffs. As always, California’s new laws are a mix of added protections for workers, consumers, citizens in general and the press. Some of these new laws may start trends across the country. What’s the saying? “As California goes, so goes the nation.”

Dec 03, 2021
By Mark Rice

This year, I was asked by a longtime contractor client if I would help him (now, her) obtain a name and gender change order. The name change was not just from Paul to Paula, but also a last name change, as Paula had been adopted and desired to have the born family last name instead, as well as a change of birth certificate in another state. I said yes, we would help.


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