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Thu | Nov 29 | 8A-5P
General | MCLE Fair
11th Annual MCLE FAIR
FULL DAY. SINGLE TRACK. 7 MCLE CREDITS with Bias, Ethics, and Substance Abuse. Programs for both Attorneys and Non-Attorney Legal Professionals.
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Homelessness and Mental Health
By Robert Rosborough
“Intractable” and “persistent” are two of the many adjectives tossed around when people discuss homelessness. While not the sole reason for homelessness, mental illness is a significant contributor to the intractable and persistent nature of it.  More >
President's Message
Changing Judicial Assignments and a Changing Board
By Thomas S. Brown
Every year the Judges’ Luncheon is one of the most highly anticipated and well-attended events of the MCBA year. One would not think that the announcement of judicial assignments would be such an entertaining or informative event, but Presiding Judge Paul Haakenson managed to enliven the crowd this year as he revealed the new assignments of his colleagues with just the right amount of humor and fanfare in his clever digital presentation.  More >
Mental Health and Homelessness
By Andrew Hening
One of the public’s biggest frustrations related to homelessness is encountering clearly mentally ill individuals living on the street. According to Marin’s 2017 Homeless Point-in-Time Count, a staggering 70% of people experiencing chronic homelessness in Marin report having some type of psychiatric or emotional challenge.  More >
Martin v. Boise: Not a Case to Sleep Through
By A.J. Brady
The Ninth Circuit has again sent ripples across the legal landscape, this time through the crossroads of criminal justice and homelessness policy with its decision in Martin v. City of Boise (9th Cir. 2018) No. 15-35845. In Martin v. Boise, a group of homeless individuals filed a 42 U.S.C. section 1983 action against the city of Boise accusing the city of violating their civil rights.  More >
Marin County's Community Resource Guide
By Marin County Supervisor Damon Connolly, District 1, San Rafael
As lawyers, our jobs can involve clients who need community services along with their legal services. When such issues come up, you will be happy to know there is a website that lists resources to connect someone to vital services in Marin County.  More >
Pathways Mental Health Court
By Judge Kelly V. Simmons
For years, there has been an increasing need for criminal justice reform as it relates to the treatment of the mentally ill defendant. California jails are filling up with a higher and higher share of mentally ill people who have been accused of crimes. Many of these people have been deemed incompetent to stand trial. Ideally, these mentally ill defendants should be sent to state hospitals to receive proper care and treatment, but the state hospitals are full.  More >
Brian Washington
By Marin Lawyer
The Marin Lawyer recently sat down with MCBA member Brian Washington, Marin County Counsel.  More >
Downtown Streets Team
By Damon Connolly
Founded in 2005 in Palo Alto, Downtown Streets Team (DST) has developed an innovative model for ending homelessness through the dignity of work. Now in twelve Bay Area communities, including San Rafael and Novato (and recently expanded beyond the Bay Area), DST’s model is structured to be a one-year transitional program into permanent housing and employment.  More >
October Member Luncheon
The State of the Marin Courts: The 2018 Judges' Luncheon Report
By Mary Sackett
The October 24th MCBA sold-out Judges' Luncheon was a show not to be missed. Judge Haakenson reported on developments at the Marin County Courts, announced the judicial assignments for next year, shared entertaining highlights of each of his colleagues (eliciting a few groans along with the laughter at his puns), and displayed his considerable movie making skills.  More >
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