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Wed | Apr 24 | 11:30-1:30P
General | Member Luncheon
Cash Bail Bond Reform
(RESCHEDULED from 2/27/19)

Join us for a panel discussion on the SB-10 Referendum, a measure that eliminates cash bail in California and replaces it with a system of risk assessment. Panelists will discuss the multifaceted issue of cash bail bond reform.

Understand and connect with the issues surrounding bail reform in California. One of the most heavily debated subjects in criminal justice and for our greater society is whether or not cash bail should be eliminated, and if so what will replace bail. Attendees of this dynamic lunch program will learn how bail and pre-trial release currently works in California and what various stake holders are trying to change.

The goal of this panel based program is to present views from all sides of the issues surrounding bail in California so attendees can be better educated and aware of a critical change that is occurring in our criminal justice system.

Networking and registration beginning at 11:30am. Program starts promptly at noon.
Buffet Lunch
1.0 CLE | General
Location: Embassy Suites
Members: $50
Non-Members: $60
Editor's Introduction
The Practical (Home Contractors), the Theoretical (Drones) and the Surprisingly Political (Judicial Independence)
By Robert Rosborough
This month, delve into the what everyone should know about home improvement contractors, learn a little about aviation law and the regulation of drones and heed calls from a current and a past MCBA President to defend the independence of the judiciary.  More >
President's Message
The Independent Judiciary
By Charles Dresow
The protection and preservation of our independent judiciary is vital to our society and system of justice. The public must retain faith that their grievances can be resolved by a fair and independent judge.  More >
The Top Ten Things a General Practitioner Should Know About the Regulation of Home Improvement Contractors
By David F. Feingold, Esq.
A handy guide to the top ten laws and regulations about home improvement contractors the general practitioner should know.  More >
Railroad of the Sky
By Jonathan Kathrein
Federal regulations, private property rights, state property laws, and local ordinances are a few of the hurdles Amazon, Alphabet and others will have to overcome before they can provide a drone delivery service.  More >
The Lawyer as Revolutionary: Protecting the Independent Judiciary
By David F. Feingold, Esq.
How often do you think of yourself as a revolutionary? If the answer is not very often, you should—more often.  More >
Update from a Political Junkie
A First Look at the Democrats' Leading 2020 Presidential Candidates
By Greg Brockbank
Even though the presidential primaries are a year away and the election itself more than a year and a half, the race has begun, at least on the Democratic side.  More >
Nonprofit Profile
The Marin Foster Care Association
By Ashley Hurd
“You were born with the ability to change someone’s life — don’t ever waste it.”  More >
January Member Luncheon
Cool Under Fire
By Mee Mee Wong
MCBA’s January general membership luncheon introduced members to a new theme with a program designed to hone leadership skills by improving our public speaking abilities.  More >
Installation Recap
2019 Installation Dinner & Scholarship Fundraiser
By The Marin Lawyer
MCBA held its 2019 Installation Dinner & Scholarship Fundraiser on February 3rd at the Marin Country Club in Novato. Over 150 MCBA members and friends attended the sold-out event, helping to celebrate the incoming Officers and Board of Directors and support a future generation of lawyers through MCBA's legal scholarship fund.  More >
Meet the MCBA Legal Scholars
By The Marin Lawyer
The MCBA Legal Education Scholarship program provides funds to financially disadvantaged students pursuing a law school degree with scholarships up to $5,000. Meet our 2018-19 Legal Scholars.  More >
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February 2019 Articles >
Tue | Feb 19 | 12-1:30P
Family Law | Section Meeting: Family Law
A View From the Bench
Judge Verna Adams
Judge Mark Talamantes
Judge Sheila Shah Lichtblau
1.0 CLE | General
Wed | Feb 20 | 12-1:30P
Real Property | Section Meeting: Real Property and Probate & Estate Planning
Using Housing Wealth to Improve Financial Outcomes in Retirement
Homa Rassouli | NMLS #455497
Dr. Barry Sacks | J.D., Ph.D. Certified Tax Specialist
Choice of 2 entrees from Magnolia Park Cafe
1.0 CLE | General
Thu | Mar 07 | 11:30A-2P
Real Property | 2018 Year in Review
Significant Developments in California Real Property Law
Len Rifkind | Rifkind Law Group
Spencer Scheer | Scheer Law Group LLP
Chris Skelton | Rifkind Law Group
Wanden Treanor | Law Offices of Wanden Treanor
Scott Williams | Williams & Gumbiner LLP
Derek Weller | Law Offices of Derek Weller
Choice of Grilled Steak Salad, Chicken Sandwich or Mushroom Risotto
2.0 CLE | General
Tue | Mar 12 | 12-1P
Labor and Employment Law | Section Meeting: Labor & Employment Brown Bag Series
The Top 10 Ethics Rule Changes That May Affect Your Practice
Joanna Storey | Attorney, Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP
Sarah Banola | Partner, Cooper White & Cooper
1.0 CLE | Ethics
Tue | Mar 19 | 12-1:30P
Family Law | Section Meeting: Family Law
Pension Division Malpractice and QDROs
John Madden | Moon, Schwartz & Madden
Louis Nixon, Esq. | QDRO Benefits Law Group
John Newmarker | QDRO Counsel
1.0 CLE | Ethics
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