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Editor's Introduction
Fire, Rent Control and the Many Facets of the District Attorney's Office
By Robert Rosborough
A reminder about our useful December 2017 fire issue of the Marin Lawyer, the new rent control statute and multiple contributions from the District Attorney's office, including an interview with Lori Frugoli.  More >
President's Message
Courtroom by Candlelight
By Charles Dresow
The dedication of the Marin County Superior Court Bench, staff, security, bailiffs, deputy public defenders and deputy district attorneys shone even as the lights dimmed during the recent blackout. All of these individuals showed up to work and remarkably kept the Court functioning during the unprecedented challenge presented by the power outage.  More >
A Civil Solution to Preventing Gun Violence
By Dori Ahana
The prevention of gun-related violence is a top priority for law enforcement. Accordingly, law enforcement agencies have begun to turn increasingly to the Gun Violence Restraining Order ("GVRO") as a tool to help avert tragedies resulting from gun violence. In California, GVROs are civil court orders that prohibit a person from owning, purchasing, possessing, receiving, or having in their custody or control, any firearms or ammunition.  More >
The Tenant Protection Act of 2019: The Basics of Statewide Rent Control and Just Cause Eviction
By Vincent DeMartini
Governor Newsom recently signed the Tenant Protection Act of 2019 into law, which for the first time enacts statewide just cause eviction limitations and annual rent caps on rental housing. The Act's provisions are effective January 1, 2020 but sunset after 10 years.  More >
Increased Housing Security Benefits Renters and Marin County
By David Levin
Marin renters have long struggled to cope with a regional housing crisis that has displaced seniors, families, and local workers, but new California legislation will strengthen communities by protecting renters’ access to local jobs and educational opportunities.  More >
Why Rent Control is Not a Solution
By Len Rifkind
Effective January 1, 2020, millions of California residential units become subject to statewide rent control and just cause eviction controls due to the passage of AB 1482. While tenants may cheer, mind the old adage, “Be careful what you wish for.” Rent control may well limit rent growth on current occupied units and enable existing tenants to remain in their units longer; however, it discourages new housing starts. Lack of housing supply is the true culprit in causing high rents.  More >
Beyond Prosecution: The District Attorney's Office Resolves Consumer and Community Disputes
By Kristina Warcholski
Did you know that your District Attorney's Office serves the community in more than just a prosecutorial role? For more than 40 years, the Marin County District Attorney's Office has had a Consumer Protection Division which has provided no-cost dispute resolution assistance to thousands of Marin County residents.  More >
Member Profile
Lori E. Frugoli
By Andres H. Perez
The Marin Lawyer recently sat down with Lori E. Frugoli, Marin County District Attorney.  More >
Nonprofit Profile
Lawyers for America: But I Graduated from Law School, Doesn't that Make Me a Lawyer?
By Andres H. Perez
Are law school graduates prepared to practice law after three or four years of grueling coursework and with a financial burden that could purchase a small home in Fresno? A 2015 Lexis/Nexis study found that 95% of hiring partners and supervising associates surveyed believed that recent law school graduates lacked key practical skills.  More >
Luncheon Recap
Litigation is (Apparently) Alive and Well in Marin County: The 2019 MCBA Judges Luncheon Recap
By Andres H. Perez
Once again, the MCBA Judges' Luncheon was the hottest lunch ticket in Marin as The Club at McGinnis played host to yet another capacity crowd of bench and bar members. Read on to find out who will be MCBA's new officers and directors, who will be the new Presiding Judge and what famous doll was modeled after one of our very own judges.  More >
Congratulations to our 2020 Officers and Board
President Susan Feder
President Elect J. Timothy Nardell
Treasurer Robert Rosborough
Secretary Scott Buell

Past President Charles Dresow
5 Year Past President Matthew White

New Directors to serve through 2022:
Emily Charley
Kristine Cirby
Christopher Locke
Ann Munene
Karthik Raju

Serving term ending 2021
Habib Bentaleb
MIchael Chaput
Ahtossa Fullerton
Sarah Leger
Kelley Reid

Serving term ending 2020
Chelsea Heaney (newly appointed)
Marie Barnes
Gregory Brockbank
Andres Perez
Nestor Schnasse

We thank Thomas Brown, David Feingold, and Anna Pletcher for their service on the board and commitment to advancing MCBA's mission and goals.
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