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The Criminal Law Section helps further the achievement of fair, speedy, and effective administration of criminal justice. Prosecutors, private defense counsel, judges, law professors, correctional and law enforcement personnel, law students, public defenders, and other criminal justice professionals are encouraged to join. The Criminal Law Section provides members with continuing legal education (CLE) programs and a network of support.

Section Chair

Charles Dresow
415 453 9433

Main County Superior Court

Uniform Local Rules 2

Updated January 1, 2017
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Editor's Introduction
Jan 07, 2019
By Robert Rosborough

Happy New Year! Welcome to the first Marin Lawyer issue of 2019. This month, none of our articles are about "what the law is," but each of them addresses a different aspect of law practice.

President's Message
Jan 06, 2019
By Charles Dresow

My goal this year is to inspire our members to become leaders of our community. Each of us has the power to positively influence and inform those around us. We must educate the community that our system of justice in Marin is still fair, efficient, and accessible.

Jan 03, 2019
By RB Tewksbury

New, secure top-level domain combined with high- performance mobile web frameworks are replacing websites and native mobile apps. Really.

Jan 02, 2019
By Mee Mee Wong

Those who missed MCBA’s annual MCLE Fair missed both a roster of stellar speakers and the chance to check off the boxes for their specialty credits. And for the first time this year, attorneys and their staff could attend concurrently, with MCBA offering a separate track for legal professionals that covered everything from e-filing rules to the role of a law office in the aftermath of a disaster.

Nonprofit Profile
Jan 02, 2019
By Mee Mee Wong

The Other Bar is a network of recovering lawyers, law students and judges throughout the state, dedicated to assisting others within the legal profession who are suffering from alcohol and substance abuse problems and other addictions. It is a private, non-profit corporation founded on the principle of anonymity and provides services in strict confidentiality.

Jan 02, 2019
By The Marin Lawyer

The Marin Lawyers’ Meditation Group provides an opportunity for lawyers (and allied professionals, including any member of MCBA) to take a lunchtime break from their day to meditate and connect with fellow meditators. Founded by lawyers a number of years back, the group provides a space to meditate away from the office and discuss the challenges of practice—both legal and meditative.