This month, we have several articles of interest (if I do say so myself since I authored one of them). Victor Chiu and Jason Feder write about perhaps the most significant case on personal jurisdiction in many years. They summarize the issue decided by the California Supreme Court holding Bristol Meyers Squibb subject to jurisdiction from its everyday business activities despite no causal connection with the alleged wrongdoing. The U.S. Supreme Court will hear the case next month. Next, Marisa Chaves has some important advice for anyone sued in tribal court. And finally, I have advice both legal and practical to help you or your clients get the end-of-life medical care you want—or more importantly to many people—avoid the care you don’t want.

I would also like to continue with a recent theme in MCBA, from Dorothy’s January President’s Message to Jim Brosnahan’s wonderful musings at our February member lunch, and from Charlie Dresow’s February article to plenty of conversation at our lively annual gala: our duty as lawyers to uphold the constitution and the rule of law more broadly. One small way to do that is to help those in our community who cannot afford good legal help by volunteering with MCBA’s Lawyers in the Library program.

Another way is to share your knowledge of the law through the Marin Lawyer. Help your fellow MCBA members learn in ways they can use to help others. I would love someone to write an article on important issues in immigration law. Any volunteers? What topic are you an expert on that would help our members help others? Get in touch!