It is hard to believe that this is our seventh issue of the year already. Many thanks to our Guest Editor Dotty LeMieux for helping to round up some great articles for you. Anyone following the legal dramas swirling around the Oval Office will want to read Tim Nardell’s primer on the law (mostly constitutional) underlying some of that drama. And not only family lawyers but anyone co-parenting a child with a mobile phone should read Romy Taubman’s article on setting rules for smartphone use. All of you who might ever counsel an immigrant should check out Charles Dresow’s brief overview of a new California remedy for improperly advised immigrants to challenge criminal convictions even though they have finished serving their time.

Finally, if you missed Professor Little’s Supreme Court roundup, check out Dotty’s recap to learn about a few of the significant decisions and even a hint of what is to come next term.

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