Welcome to our August Marin Lawyer. Many of us might be found in exotic locales this time of year; I am often in Marfa, Texas, which no doubt is exotic to many of you (I guess the mountains of the Chihuahuan Desert could count as exotic.) But thanks to the wonders of the internet and email, the Marin Lawyer is still available to all of us. But with these wonders come downsides.

Anyone who heard Mike Chaput’s fascinating interview with Rhonda Hjort at July’s general membership meeting (and recapped by Mike in this issue) will recall that one of several interesting topics the Deputy Chief Counsel of Lucasfilm discussed was data security and how much of her job revolves around it. While most of us don’t have security issues on the scale of Lucasfilm, it is a good reminder how important it is for all lawyers.

California is now in the minority of states that do not have a specific rule of professional conduct requiring lawyers to keep abreast of technology. It surprises me that neither the word “email” nor “technology” appears in California’s proposed new rules (which you can find here). Of course, that doesn’t mean that we are not responsible for keeping our client data, including communications, secure.

Many thanks to our guest editor this month, Tim Nardell, who has also written an entertaining article on a recent case on easements, something near and dear to the hearts of many a Marin lawyer. When a court creates a brand-new easement out of thin air over the property of multiple neighbors, we should all take note. And my colleague Andy Wolfe has written a cogent article on the wisdom of employers negotiating voluntary separation agreements, something that not only general practice lawyers should read but anyone who employs even a single person. We also profile MC3, the Marin Child Care Center, a critical resource in Marin for supporting and expanding the availability of child care to all.

Board Leadership. I would like to remind everyone that it is that time of year for interested members to apply to become members of the Board of Directors. As a board member, you get to work with interesting, dedicated people and meet great members of our community. I encourage you to apply. Download Application Here.

As always, I welcome comments on any of our content and encourage submissions for future issues.