The MCBA mentorship program supports a new MCBA member who is a Barrister or a member of the Diversity Section; who wants to learn more about the Marin legal community, to be introduced to the membership and board, or to cultivate resources for contacts/ practice questions or court experience. The mentoring group will be a trio – Barrister, mid career and seasoned lawyer.

Being a Mentor to a Barrister
Beginning a law practice is a daunting challenge for newly admitted Barristers. The MCBA Mentoring Program matches our experienced and successful MCBA members with a new Barrister. Our mentees gain valuable advice and guidance on navigating the Marin Superior Courts as well as other courts, networking at MCBA events, or handling a complex case. Mentors are eager to give back to the legal community and share their insight, experience and tips for building a successful law practice in Marin County.

The Reverse Mentoring Program
We have lawyers who practiced law before the internet, computers, and smart phones were in everyday use. If you are a digital native, who was raised with social media environment norms, consider teaching the digital naïve generation of lawyers how to navigate technology in law.

Note: Eligibility for the program requires 2018 MCBA membership.