The MCBA Mentorship Program supports the development of relationships for new MCBA members, or those who want to increase their connections within the MCBA and the legal community. The Mentorship Program is based on, but is not limited to, individuals in the Barristers/ Diversity Sections of the MCBA who want to learn more about the Marin legal community, be introduced to the membership and board, or cultivate resources for contacts/ practice questions or court experience. The Mentorship Program will set up mentoring groups in sets of three: Barrister, mid-career, and seasoned lawyer. The program also seeks to promote “reverse-mentorship” whereby more junior lawyers provide guidance to more senior lawyers in new practices, and use of technology, as appropriate.

Please complete application form and email it to: Mee Mee Wong.

Mentoring a Barrister: Commencing your career in the practice of law is a daunting challenge for newly admitted Barristers. The MCBA Mentorship Program matches two of our experienced and successful MCBA members, at various levels of experience and with various areas of practice, with a new Barrister. Our mentees gain valuable advice and guidance on navigating the Marin Superior Courts as well as other courts, networking at MCBA events, exploring different practice areas, and handling a complex case. Mentors are eager to give back to the legal community and share their insight, experience, and tips for building a successful law practice in Marin County and the surrounding areas.

Reverse Mentoring: MCBA membership includes lawyers who practiced law before the internet, computers, and smart phones were common household and business devices. The technology of today has vastly changed the practice of law—shortening deadlines, and increasing expectations for instant responses. If you are a digital-native, who was raised with social media environment norms, consider teaching the digital-naïve generation of lawyers how to navigate technology in law. Mentorship groups can also discuss work-life balance in this fast-paced technology driven career, and ways to stay up to date, without losing your life outside of work.