Dorothy Proudfoot, 2017 MCBA president, has abandoned the DA’s office (and all of us) for differently colored pastures. Dorothy has accepted an administrative law judge position in San Francisco, hearing matters before the Rent Board. We’ll miss you, Madame President.

Speaking of comings and goings:

Also on the outbound train, much to your correspondent’s dismay, is the lovely and talented Karen Howard, MCBA’s membership and events coordinator, who will return to her roots in the pharmaceutical industry (the legal one). Taking over her desk will be Kiersten Ross, M.B.A, until recently COO of Office Playground, “the leading online provider of office fun, stress relievers, and toys for your desk.”

ADR section co-chair Susan Feder, a mediator with Judicate West, was prominently featured in a recent Daily Journal article. Bay Area attorneys gave Susan very high points for her empathy and listening skills. Check it out here.

Richard Kalish is on his eighth year of teaching “business ethics” (don’t all shout “oxymoron” at once) at Dominican U in San Rafael. Catalina Lozano has been an adjunct professor at Hastings for 35 years (impossible!); this year, she teaches Moot Court. Judge Beverly Wood and Matt White (that’s me!) co-teach mediation at USF Law. Also at USF Law: Retired Marin judge (and past MCBA president) Lynn Duryee, who instructs in two levels of civil procedure. Past MCBA president Mary McLain is an adjunct professor at Hult International Business School (headquartered in MA), following professorship stints at UC Hastings and The Law School Formerly Known as Boalt. Eileen Barker has taught conflict resolution at Berkeley Law, Hastings, JFK University, and Sonoma State University.

Rob Rosborough, editor-in-chief of this very publication, teaches conflict resolution at USF’s Fromm Institute. Mill Valley lawyer Francine Ward teaches IP at the California Desert Trial Academy in Indio, CA. Edward Villanueva teaches real estate law at City College of San Francisco. Anna Pletcher educated students at Hastings and Santa Clara law schools before her current position at Berkeley Law. Recently retired Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals mediator Pete Sherwood has been teaching negotiation at Golden Gate University law school since before your correspondent was born.

Young Deborah Breiner has entered her 25th year of law practice. For those who care about the math, that’s a quarter of a century. My, how time flies!

Lawyers in the News Dept: Some Marin residents, angry over the County’s purchase of the San Geronimo Golf Course, hired Riley F. Hurd III to file suit. Riley is a partner at Ragghianti Freitas.

Public service notice: You know those cute Facebook posts that ask you about something from your past? Who was your favorite high school teacher? What was the first concert you attended? Some say those questions are posed by fraudsters, seeking answers to your online security questions. Is this advice borne of paranoia or of wisdom? That’s for you to decide, dear reader. Be sure to check out this article.