MCBA invites our members to submit nominations for the following three achievement awards. Each of these special honors is awarded only upon submission of a nominee our awards committee deems deserving of the honor rather than with any particular frequency. In some years, no awards have been given. For any potential award to be given this year, please submit a one-page letter via email describing the merits of the candidate per the criteria for the award you are nominating them for.

The Ann Diamond Young Lawyer Award recognizes a lawyer who has been a member of the bar less than ten years for legal accomplishments and contributions to the community of Marin.

The Lawyer of the Year Award recognizes a lawyer who has dedicated a remarkable amount of time, effort and support to the legal system and to the legal community and to their clients. This lawyer has also demonstrated competence, civility, and honor in their professional interactions.

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes a person who has:

  • A distinguished career as lawyer or jurist of at least 25 years;
  • A demonstrated commitment to community involvement, volunteerism, and/or other noteworthy achievements; and
  • A consistent and demonstrated involvement in the MCBA and the fulfillment of its mission statement.