As lawyers, our jobs can involve clients who need community services along with their legal services. When such issues come up, you will be happy to know there is a website that lists resources to connect someone to vital services in Marin County.

Are you representing:

  • Someone in need of credentials to navigate to their next career?
  • A woman over 50 who is trying to enter the workforce? YWCA Fifty+ 415-479-9922
  • An older adult who is looking for transportation? Marin Access 415-454-0902
  • A client who might be entitled to veteran’s benefits? Veterans Services 415-473-6193
  • A caregiver in need of respite while caring for a loved one with memory loss? Senior Access 415-491-2503
  • A person with a disability who wants to remain at home and actively engaged in the community? Marin Center for Independent Living 415-459-6245

These are just a few examples of the extensive resources Marin County has that might make an enormous difference in the lives of your clients. A comprehensive guide to the available resources in Marin County can be found here: Marin County Community Resource Guide. You are also welcome to call my office, as often I can help connect you to the right person to address your client’s non-legal needs.