When I was in college, I never imagined being able to sit at my desk and order marijuana to be delivered to my door. It still amazes me even though it has been possible for years. If you’d rather go see (and smell) your choices, you have the option of many dispensaries in the City. Not in Marin. Nor do you have the choice of delivery for non-medical marijuana in most of the County. Despite strong support for Prop 64, implementation in Marin is slow and grudging. You can learn the details in Habib Bentaleb’s article on the status of marijuana in Marin. I would like to thank Habib not only for his article but for serving as guest editor of this month’s issue.

Did you know that Cannabis is also a hot topic among seniors (as in elders, not the high school kind)? That is something a geriatric care manager would know. Have you had clients who are struggling with a declining parent? Or clients themselves who are declining and don’t know what to do? As a family-conflict mediator, I am involved in plenty of family dramas where the health of an elder—mental and/or physical—and what to do about it is an issue. Read Kira Reginato’s article on geriatric care managers to learn what a tremendous help they can be to you and your clients.

In honor of Labor Day, next month’s issue of the Marin Lawyer (a quarterly special magazine-style issue) will be devoted to employment law. But so much is happening in this field, we couldn’t wait to bring all of it to you. Get a taste of the September issue by reading Brittny Bottorff’s article on two significant new California laws governing sexual harassment in the workplace. You don’t need to be an employment-law specialist to need to know about these new laws.

I would like to call special attention to this month’s non-profit: New Beginnings Law Center. NBLC helps formerly incarcerated citizens reengage as productive members of the community by working to clear their records in order to open greater opportunities for them. NBLC knows that the chances of success increase not just from outstanding legal work but by addressing each client as a whole person, working with them to determine what they need besides legal advice to break the cycle of recidivism. A young organization, NBLC partners with other non-profits like Legal Aid of Marin and the Downtown Streets Team in providing its services. Doing this work requires community support and engagement and NBLC is looking for dedicated board members to help it grow. If you think you might be interested, read the profile and get in touch.

I’d also like to draw your attention to Kristi Edwards’ article on California Certified Legal Secretaries. MCBA has a small, diverse and engaged group of non-attorney members. Some of them are part of, or connected to, the legal profession, including legal support staff. If you’ve ever had difficulty hiring support staff, read Kristi’s article to learn how hiring a CCLS assures you of competent staff and if you are staff, learn the advantages of becoming a CCLS.

Finally, I would like to remind readers that with every issue of the Marin Lawyer, you have the option of printing all of the articles together as one pdf with one click (well almost, anyway). Under the “Current Issue” section on MCBA’s website (or in the monthly email to subscribers), just scroll down to where you see “August 2019 Articles” (right before the calendar of events in the current issue) and click the “Link to August 2019 Articles.” That will download a pdf of all of the articles, which you can take with you on your tablet or print out on actual paper if you prefer.