Welcome to MCBA's News, Notes & Events! As described in my introduction last month, full issues of the Marin Lawyer will now be published only quarterly, always in our digital magazine format.

The quarterly magazines will have all the substantive content you are used to packed into one issue. Our next issue in March is about law practice management. We will have lots of articles to help you with the practical aspects of your practice: simple tips for making your website more user friendly; liabilities you may not realize your insurance doesn't cover; the latest news on post-AB 5 developments and much more.

Between magazines, MCBA will continue to communicate with you about upcoming events, bar business, and more, including in our monthly News, Notes & Events. In this edition:

  • Our new president, Susan Feder, welcomes everyone to a new year of connection community and camaraderie.

  • Check out video of new board member Ann Munene on why she joined MCBA.

  • See which Local Rules of Court are changing.

  • See how to set up auto-renewal of your membership.

  • And check out our upcoming events, including Congressman Jared Huffman at our January membership luncheon and our annual installation gala on February 8.

  • Important note: Because of requirements from the gala venue, you must purchase a ticket no later than January 28! No tickets can be sold after that date.