MCBA is pleased to announce the slate for its 2021 officers and board of directors:

2021 Officers

President J. Timothy Nardell | Nardell Chitsaz & Associates
President Elect Robert Rosborough | Monty White LLP
Treasurer Ahtossa P. Fullerton | Wasacz, Hilley & Fullerton LLP
Secretary Scott Buell |Buell Mediation
Past President Susan Feder | Susan Feder Mediation
5-Year Past President Joel Gumbiner

New Directors (2021 - 2023)

Chelsea Heaney | Vance Family Law
Valerie Kushel | VGK Law
Thomas McCallister | Marin County District Attorney Office
Thomas McInerney | Ogletree Deakins
Mary Sackett | Office of Supervisor Damon Connolly

2021 Directors

Habib Bentaleb
Michael Chaput
Ahtossa Fullerton
Sarah Léger
G. Kelley Reid

2022 Directors

Emily Charley
Kristine Cirby
Christopher Locke
Ann Munene
Karthik Raju

Thank you to Past President Charles Dresow, and 5-Year Past President Matthew White and Directors Marie Barnes, Gregory Brockbank, Andres Perez and Nestor Schnasse, whose terms will expire at the end of 2020, for their invaluable support and stewardship.

Any Attorney Member may be nominated for any office to be filled, if such Member possesses the qualifications required in the MCBA Bylaws. Nomination in writing must be signed by at least ten Attorney Members of the Association and presented to the Secretary by the deadline of October 26.