Effective April 13, 2022, eDelivery, a service that will allow for the electronic submission of filing documents for Civil, Family, Probate, and Small Claims will be available on the Court’s website at http://www.marincourt.org/edelivery.htm. eDelivery is not mandatory, and also does not replace the Court’s future goal of implementing eFiling. The Court is in the process of updating its case management system which is a requirement for implementing eFiling. Please see Local Rule 1.51 and Emergency Local Rule 22.01 which govern the use of eDelivery.
With eDelivery, documents in PDF format can be submitted by the filing party through a web portal. After a document is submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided. Provided the information supplied is complete and the fees paid are correct, the document(s) will be accepted by the Court and will be filed as if it had been filed in-person. An email confirming acceptance of your eDelivered document will be sent as well as include information on how to access an electronic conformed copy. An email will also be sent if the document is rejected, including the reasons why the Court did not accept the document.
Through the implementation of eDelivery, the Court hopes to support court users’ transition to electronic filing of documents in the future, electronic records as the official court record, and reduce the number of individuals who must come to the courthouse to file papers during COVID-19.
For more information about the eDelivery process, or to sign up, visit the Court’s website at: http://www.marincourt.org/edelivery.htm

Instructions for eDelivery filing