While this is not the first issue of the Marin Lawyer without MCBA President Rob Rosborough at the helm, I still must echo Kris Cirby’s introductory comments from the last quarterly edition: this is a lot of work! I did not fully appreciate how much Rob was doing, and second (third and fourth) Kris’s thanks to Rob. And I’d like to thank my guest editors: Mary Sackett, Valerie Kushel, and Ahtossa Fullerton.

But it is interesting work. And during a time when there is much over which to despair, I enjoyed learning of the positive changes we can see and make here at home. As a reminder that even the smallest act can have a meaningful impact in our community, Larry Strick invites each of us to volunteer in Lawyers in the Library Needs (Virtual) Lawyers in the Library. But why stop with donating a little time? MCBA Board Director Mary Sackett describes how the YWCA and Bloom, a non-profit that provides complimentary wardrobes to those who are transitioning to a life of self-reliance, have come together to help Marin.

Shifting to criminal law, if you missed the April membership meeting, Morgan Daly thoughtfully recaps the panelists’ perspectives on the local impacts of criminal justice reform legislation. And in Clean Slate: A Collaboration Among Marin Criminal Justice Partners, Mary Sackett and our local criminal justice luminaries discuss the program’s aim of removing some of the barriers criminal convictions have on those looking for a fresh start.

This issue also ensures we are kept up to date on new cases. Turn to Sergio Rudin and Eli Flushman’s Where Do We Go From Here? for an explanation of the Ninth Circuit’s recent case, Where Do We Go Berkeley et al. v. California Department of Transportation, regarding clearing homeless encampments in the context of ADA regulations. For estate matters, Jake Walker discusses Estate of Wall, highlighting the need for estate planning to navigate conflicting community property and title presumptions.

No one will want to miss this issue’s Judge’s Corner, where Presiding Judge James T. Chou updates us on implementation of the Court’s new case management system. And finally, Morvareed Salehpour explores intellectual property rights and ownership, data use and rights, and cybersecurity in Three Key Issues in Digital Health Contracts.