In this issue of the Marin Lawyer, we discuss a topic very near to me – the issue of aging. As an estate planning attorney, part of what I do is prepare foundational documents to plan for potential incapacity, and assist family members if a loved one with an estate plan becomes incapacitated.

This issue addresses the topic of aging from a number of different angles. Nancy Hoffman addresses the important issue of when attorneys lose capacity. Carolyn Rosenblatt of provides a true story about elder abuse here in Marin and how it was addressed. For a different perspective on the same topic, Marin Health and Human Services and the Marin County Counsel’s Office talk about their programming to protect older and dependent adults in our community. On the financial side, Tanis Kelly and John Dudek discuss Structured Settlements and other opportunities to defer income or settlement funds over time.

The good news for Marin attorneys, is that there are many ways to become involved. Bonnie Ross at Legal Aid of Marin (LAM) is launching free estate planning clinics for older adults in Marin and is asking our community to participate. Our Judge’s Profile from Judge Mark Talamantes who overviews the many volunteer opportunities available and encourages our Marin lawyers to re-engage (or newly engage) in volunteerism. Also, be sure to check out the President’s Message from MCBA President Ahtossa Fullerton discussing her thoughts on why retiring Marin attorneys should remain engaged with MCBA. Not to give spoilers – but volunteering is a great way for Marin attorneys to stay involved!

Lastly, MCBA Board Member Morgan Daly interviewed her co-Board Member, me! Leila Mongan provided a summary of the March 30th General Membership Meeting featuring Justice Fujisaki and her amazing story.