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Brown Bag Lunch
Editor's Introduction
Sep 04, 2019
By Robert Rosborough

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day holiday. Did you take the day off? Amidst barbecues and parades, did you contemplate what Labor Day is all about? Our guest editor, Marie Barnes, did.

President's Message
Sep 03, 2019
By Charles Dresow

Welcome to another digital edition of the Marin Lawyer. With articles largely provided by our Bar Association’s members and guest edited by one of our board members, each edition of the Marin Lawyer is a great example of the vibrant intellectual culture of our Bar Association. That’s just one facet of what makes MCBA and all local bar associations the traditional bedrock of the legal community.

Sep 02, 2019
By Lisa Spann Maslow

Up until 2018, the legal test for determining independent contractor status under California wage and hour law was complex and vague. That changed when the California Supreme Court adopted the “ABC” test in Dynamex Operations West, Inc. v. Superior Court, (2018) 4 Cal.5th 903. The California legislature is now considering legislation to codify and expand Dynamex, much to the consternation of the business community.

Sep 02, 2019
By Mark G. Griffin, Esq.

While attorneys have many tools to assist in taking and defending depositions, often underutilized is a file’s metadata. Many attorneys are unfamiliar with metadata, and therefore unable to take advantage of an exhibit’s metadata during offensive and defensive depositions. To best represent a client’s interests, attorneys need to understand metadata and how it may be prepared and used in depositions.

Sep 02, 2019
By Marie Barnes

Each year on the first Monday in September, many Americans can be found firing up their grills, watching parades, shopping and relaxing. Others are spending it like any other day: working.

Nonprofit Profile
Sep 02, 2019
By Marie Barnes

As we celebrate Labor Day, we should not forget the particular difficulties that women face even today and even here in Marin. As guest editor this month, I’ve chosen to highlight a dynamic and vibrant organization serving Marin County and San Francisco: the YWCA.


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