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President's Message
Nov 03, 2021
By J. Timothy Nardell

In September, I interviewed Laura McMahon about pro bono volunteer opportunities with Legal Aid of Marin. This month, I’d like to highlight two excellent volunteer opportunities within our own bar association, give thanks to our generous volunteers, and encourage all members to join in these efforts – it’s as easy as picking up the phone or signing up online.

President's Message
Oct 06, 2021
By J. Timothy Nardell

As we turn the corner from Summer to Fall, I am turning the final corner of my year as MCBA president and I am becoming reflective about the year that has passed. This was certainly not the year that I anticipated. I don’t think it was a year that anyone expected. And, while our expectations for returning to “normality” are still somewhat mixed, it does seem to me that we have turned the corner from thinking about COVID-19 as a global pandemic to thinking about COVID-19 as an endemic condition, something that we are learning to live with.

Oct 05, 2021

MCBA’s annual Bay Area MCLE Conference is coming up next month, with four outstanding keynote speakers and many great specialty programs. This year’s conference runs from November 16th to 18th and will provide 14 CLE credits if you attend all of the sessions, including ethics, elimination of bias, and competence. It’s a great deal for over half of your required credits, especially at the early-bird member price of $125 (expiring at the end of this month). This year’s conference will once again be an all-Zoom affair, making it as convenient as it can be to attend.

Editor's Introduction
Sep 08, 2021
By Robert Rosborough

Ten years ago, would you have guessed that public health law would be a hot topic now? (Or election law, for that matter?) As much as the Affordable Care Act has withstood repeated assaults since its passage, the realm of public health law had remained something of an obscure redoubt. No longer. Since the start of the pandemic, the Marin Lawyer has covered some of the attendant legal issues and we continue to do so with this issue that brings you updates on health regulation.

President's Message
Sep 07, 2021
By J. Timothy Nardell

In this video message MCBA President J. Timothy Nardell sits down with Laura McMahon, the Pro Bono Manager of Legal Aid of Marin.

Sep 06, 2021
By Diane Marie O'Malley and Sandra L. Rappaport

The Vaccine Mandate Landscape The landscape is evolving almost every day on the subject of mandatory vaccinations despite the fact that government mandates of vaccines are not new. In Jacobson v. Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11 (1905), the United States Supreme Court upheld the authority of states to enforce compulsory vaccination laws. On May 28, the EEOC updated its COVID-19 guidance, permitting employers (including federal and state governments) to implement COVID-19 vaccine mandates, subject to certain exemptions. A disability or sincerely held religious belief that prevents vaccination are they only exemptions to any vaccine requirements that employers must consider.


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