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Editor's Introduction
Jun 04, 2021
By Robert Rosborough

The term “consumer protection” often conjures images of a recalled product or a warning label but it encompasses a wide array of laws and regulations. Especially with our pandemic-driven, increasingly online lives, consumer protection encompasses data privacy and security as they become ever more important for our clients, our firms and ourselves.

Jun 02, 2021
By Ella Krainsky

Marin County is the oldest and most rapidly aging county in the Bay Area. About 28% of Marin residents are 60 years old or older. This percentage is expected to increase to 33% by 2025 and 38% by 2030. This aging population is, unfortunately, a favorite target of scammers. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, fraud and other financial abuse targeting older Americans results in over $3 billion in annual losses. A more comprehensive private sector study estimates annual losses of over $36 billion. Many scams specifically target older people because criminals believe them to be both more trusting and wealthier.

Jun 02, 2021
By Celine Guillou

The protection of personal information is an increasingly important issue for organizations large and small across all industries. On the consumer front, data protection has traditionally been perceived as largely a “tech” issue. However, as data collection and stricter global regulations proliferate, this narrow perception is outdated. The reality is that organizations collect personal information and lots of it: whether it relates to customers, users or employees, data collection is ubiquitous.

Jun 02, 2021
By Mary Sackett

What is “Weights and Measures”? The scale of justice? A third-grade math assignment? The latest fitness craze? The Marin County Division of Weights and Measures ensures equity in the marketplace and protects our economic health and welfare by inspecting commercial weighing and measuring devices and verifying retail price accuracy to ensure consumers receive the lowest advertised or posted price.

Jun 01, 2021
By Karthik Raju

Following a career spanning four decades of distinguished service in public defender offices across California, Jose Varela retired as chief Public Defender of Marin County in March of this year. Jose’s illustrious career has been defined by a tireless work ethic, persistence, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to every client served by the public defender’s office. His contributions to the Marin community—and legal community at large—cannot be fully captured in these few paragraphs.

Section Spotlight
Jun 01, 2021
By The Marin Lawyer

The Marin Lawyer recently spoke with MCBA member Michelle Christovich to learn more about her and her role as the Chair of MCBA's Barristers Section.


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