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Editor's Introduction
Jun 02, 2018
By Robert Rosborough

Nestor Schnasse reports on gender inequality and the #metoo movement. Barbara Monty makes a powerful and candid #metoo statement. Mike Zaidlin helps you and your clients maximize your Social Security benefits--potentially to the tune of extra hundreds of thousands of dollars. Find out what our in-house political expert thinks will happen in next week's primary election, what's new at the Marin Law Library and how Marin CASA helps kids. All in this issue.

President's Message
Jun 01, 2018
By Thomas S. Brown

This month’s President’s Message, crafted after the Warriors eliminated the Houston Rockets in game seven of the Western Conference Finals, touches on the declining bar pass rate and highlights a few changes to the Rules of Professional Conduct.

May 30, 2018
By Barbara Monty

Sexual abuse is directly related to gender bias because many women have been sexually abused but have remained silent about it for most of our lives. We have done so because in our families, schools, and work we learned that we must just accept the unequal treatment and abuse and then not cause a stir about it or else we would be seen as troublemakers or as weak. So, many of us kept silent. Those of us in the legal profession are no exception.

May 29, 2018
By Michael Zaidlin, J.D.

Social Security benefits often constitute a majority of retirement income, with the median married couple or individual recipient relying on Social Security for 67% of retirement income. Many married couples will receive over one million dollars in lifetime benefits. In many cases, the amount of benefits a married couple will receive will exceed the amount of income that can reasonably be provided by even a $1,500,000 IRA account.

May 29, 2018
By Jonathan Frieman

Well, if it has been some time since you visited the newly refurbished Marin County Law Library, located at 20 N. San Pedro Rd., it is high time you came in and looked around. You will find a wonderful office away from the office. The new location has been beautifully restored with plenty of tables and space for everyone. It is restful, quiet, spacious, and relaxing. Come down and check it out.

Nonprofit Profile
May 28, 2018
By Nestor Schnasse

Here’s a fact that may come as a shock: every year in Marin County, over one thousand reports of suspected child abuse, neglect and abandonment are called into the County’s hotline. Today, approximately one hundred children are in the Marin County child welfare system. A Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer can play a key role in the process by providing a voice in the courtroom, and a consistent, reliable adult presence during an unstable time.


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