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Editor's Introduction
Sep 04, 2018
By Robert Rosborough

August is often a dull month, where the pace has slowed from many people being on vacation or focusing on children returning to school. While perhaps that was the case for many of us this year, the news cycle did not take August off. When Morgan Daly started writing her article on a place for cash bail in bail reform, it looked as if California’s bail reform might be falling apart. But before the month was out, we had a signed bill that will go into effect in October, 2019. While a sea change in criminal justice was happening here, the criminal justice system back East produced some remarkable drama. Be sure to read Tom Brown’s President’s Message for some thoughts on how a perhaps unexpected institution is suffering from the latest events surrounding President Trump’s associates: the attorney-client relationship.

President's Message
Sep 03, 2018
By Thomas S. Brown

Since leaving the District Attorney’s Office and going into private practice, I have been schooled and tutored that the duty of confidentiality in the attorney-client relationship is one of the most important principles an attorney can uphold. Rule 3-100 of the California Rules of Professional Conduct (soon to be Rule 1.6) provides that an attorney shall not reveal confidential communications without the informed consent of the client but may disclose confidential information if the attorney reasonably believes the disclosure is necessary to prevent certain criminal acts (or in other limited circumstances under the new rule.) The comments to the rule, both old and new, note that “Preserving the confidentiality of client information contributes to the trust that is the hallmark of the client-lawyer relationship.”

Sep 02, 2018
By Eileen Barker

You don't have to be a mediator to know that emotional issues lie at the heart of conflict. As Bernard Mayer points out, "emotions are the energy that fuel conflict," but they can also be the "key to de-escalating it." The ability to deal skillfully with emotions can be essential to finding lasting resolution. Yet emotions are often overlooked, feared, avoided and misunderstood by mediators, parties and attorneys. As mediators, we need to become adept at recognizing, understanding and addressing emotional issues. We need to become emotionally literate, fluent in the emotional language of conflict.

Sep 01, 2018
By Marie Barnes

Joy in the law—is that even possible? I guess it depends on how you define joy. I invite readers, whether you have been practicing for over thirty years and retirement is on the horizon or whether you are newly licensed, to reflect on your own definitions of joy and whether you can say you have found joy in your practice.

Sep 01, 2018
By Morgan H. Daly

A robust public debate is taking place about shaking up the criminal justice bail system and, more specifically, eliminating money bail. The District Attorneys for Brooklyn and Manhattan announced in January that they would no longer be seeking money bail in misdemeanor cases. In June, Senator Bernie Sanders introduced “The No Money Bail Act,” which would formally end the use of secured bonds in the federal criminal court system and provide incentives for states to reform their own bail systems.

Sep 01, 2018
By Mee Mee Wong

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