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Probate and Estate Planning
Brown Bag Lunch
Nov 19, 2020
By Robert Rosborough

On Friday, November 13, outgoing Co-Chair of MCBA’s probate and estate planning section Tim Barteau welcomed attorneys via Zoom to an update from Probate Court Judge Kelly Simmons. Tim reminded the audience that he and Co-Chair Valerie Kushel (who will join MCBA’s board of directors in 2021) are retiring as co-chairs after three years of service. He welcomed Paul Gruwell and Laura Gibbons as incoming co-chairs. Many thanks to Valerie and Tim for doing a great job for such an extended term and to Judge Simmons for taking her valuable time to meet with us.

President's Message
Nov 02, 2020
By Susan Feder

As I write this month’s president’s message, the election has not yet happened. However, election day will have come and gone by the time you read this. Uncertainties about the future have caused stress and anxiety for many of us. The election is only one of the many stressors of 2020. While it is hard to remain hopeful and optimistic, this is exactly what we must do. I hope that we have learned something from surviving the myriad of hardships we have faced, and we will emerge stronger, more empathetic to others and more adaptable.

Nov 01, 2020
By J. Timothy Nardell

On October 28, MCBA hosted our annual judges’ luncheon. In the COVID-19 era, of course, it was not the usual festive in-person salmon and chicken affair at McInnis or the Four Points. Nonetheless, MCBA Board President Susan Feder presided over a Zoom meeting with grace and style while Presiding Judge Andrew Sweet, Assistant Presiding Judge James Chou, and Marin Superior Court CEO James Kim provided an update far different from last year’s.

2021 Officers & Board of Directors Slate Announced
Oct 15, 2020

The slate for MCBA's 2021 officers and board of directors has been announced. Please join us on October 28 as the 2021 officers and new board members will be voted on during our virtual general membership meeting, which features an update from the Marin Superior Court.

President's Message
Oct 01, 2020
By Susan Feder

On September 18, our nation lost a fierce leader for justice and equality: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, fondly known as “Notorious RBG” or just “RBG.” Both as an advocate and a jurist, she was instrumental in furthering the cause of gender equality in our country.

Sep 30, 2020
By Paul Gruwell

MCBA’s probate and estate planning section hosted an extra meeting in September in order to learn the latest news from the probate court about operations during the pandemic. Section Co-Chair Timothy Barteau moderated an insightful question and answer session with Marin Superior Court’s Probate Judge, the Honorable Kelly V. Simmons, and the court’s Probate Examiner, Trudy Verzosa. The meeting featured questions on topics ranging from current court procedures to best practices for remote hearings to what to expect in coming months.


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