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President's Message
Jul 13, 2022
By Robert Rosborough

Last week, MCBA held its first in-person general membership luncheon since the pandemic began and it was fitting for such an auspicious occasion that our intrepid Supreme Court expert observer, Professor Rory Little, returned for a week from sabbatical on the East Coast for his 14th appearance with MCBA.

Editor's Introduction
Jun 09, 2022
By Emily Charley

While this is not the first issue of the Marin Lawyer without MCBA President Rob Rosborough at the helm, I still must echo Kris Cirby’s introductory comments from the last quarterly edition: this is a lot of work!

President's Message
Jun 08, 2022
By Robert Rosborough

The Clean Slate Program article in this issue of the Marin Lawyer opens with the following lines: “The world is tough to navigate. It is constantly changing, confusing, and often overwhelming—and having a criminal conviction on your record is a complexity multiplier.” The barriers a criminal record erects to leading a productive life are enormous and many of them are detrimental not just to the individual but to society as a whole. But I quote these lines not to write about criminal justice but to write about how tough the world is to navigate for everyone, especially lately.

Jun 07, 2022
By Morvareed Salehpour

Digital health is a growing and rapidly changing sector of the technology industry. It consists of a variety of technology applications such as telehealth, personalized medicine, health tracking, health information technology, software, and software as a service solutions (“SaaS”) intended to help with patient care, and wearables.

Jun 06, 2022
By Jake Walker

Most of us have relied on a spouse’s signed, delivered, and recorded quitclaim deed to conclude that the real estate is separate property. That is not necessarily so under the California Appellate Court’s recent decision in Estate of Wall (2021) 68 Cal.App.5th 168. The surprising decision is important to estate attorneys, as well as family and real property attorneys dealing with real estate titles involving married people.

Jun 06, 2022
By Mary Sackett et al.

The world is tough to navigate. It is constantly changing, confusing, and often overwhelming—and having a criminal conviction on your record is a complexity multiplier. Fortunately, for those who have paid their debts to society, the County of Marin’s Clean Slate Program is aimed at removing some of the barriers for those looking for a fresh start.


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