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Probate and Estate Planning
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1.0 CLE | General
May 02, 2019
By Robert Rosborough

Have you ever tweeted a link to a photograph? Did you make sure the linked source had the rights to the photograph? Do you need to? Do you wonder what the theater can teach lawyers about courtroom skills? Find answers in this month's Marin Lawyer.

President's Message
May 01, 2019
By Charles Dresow

For better or for worse, our court system in general, and the criminal justice system in particular, has become the catch-all for our society’s ills. The results of our society’s failures to effectively address mental health, substance abuse, income disparity, homelessness and lack of affordable housing play out—tragically—every day in our criminal courtrooms.

Apr 30, 2019
By John M. Feder

A successful premises liability claim will almost certainly require the taking of depositions. This article discusses some tried-and-true strategies for positioning your premises liability case into a winning one, including sample questions, when the defendant is not an individual.

Apr 30, 2019
By Cynthia McGuinn and Daniel B. Pleasant

What do Aeschylus’ Oresteia, Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, and Arthur Miller’s The Crucible have in common? Each playwright used dramatic forms to explore questions of justice, setting the action of each play in a courtroom setting where that theme can be explored.

Apr 30, 2019
By Rachel Ehrlich

Evidence Code section 1129 requires that all lawyers representing clients in mediation obtain their client’s written consent to mediate before mediating and after explaining the ramifications of mediation confidentiality (as provided in Evidence Code section 1115, et seq.)

Apr 30, 2019
By Naomi Jane Gray

The internet is awash in images. Many people who post an image online have not received permission to reproduce or display it. If you use an “in-line link” to an infringing image posted by someone else, are you liable for direct copyright infringement?


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