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Committees work to develop legal educational programs, support Bench-Bar relationships, support the Marin County Law Library, provide pro bono services through nonprofit legal services organizations, and support services relevant to the legal community.

MCBA members who participate in committee work hone their leadership skills, cultivate relationships working alongside other committee members, and give back to their community. If you have thought about serving on a board or pursuing a community or political leadership role, serving on an MCBA committee is a wonderful beginning to practice and navigate these roles.

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Chair a Section

MCBA offers Sections in 12 legal practice areas. Each Section provides continuing legal education (CLE) and offers networking opportunities tailored to its members.

Section Chairs develop CLE programs, organize regular section meetings, and administer registrations and section revenue. Members of the MCBA Board of Directors serve as Section Chairs and must practice law in the section specialty practice area.

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Serve on the MCBA Board of Directors

The MCBA Board is comprised of 15-20 Directors and Offices. Board members serve 3-year terms. Governed by the MCBA Bylaws, the Board is responsible for MCBA policy, governance, and fiscal oversight. To be eligible to serve on the Board of Directors, you must be a lawyer in good standing with the State Bar of California, and a MCBA member in good standing. Applications should be received by first week of September for consideration of service in the following year.

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Mentor a Young Professional

Remember the inspiring mentor who guided you on complex trial strategies or unfamiliar practice areas? Mentoring is a rewarding opportunity to connect with young legal professionals and make a difference in their growing legal careers.

Volunteer for the Lawyers in the Library Program

A collaboration between the Marin County Law Library and the Marin County Bar Association, Lawyers in the Library offers free legal advice for self help litigants.

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If you are interested in participating on a committee, serving on the Board of Directors, Chairing a Section, or Mentoring a Barrister, please contact MCBA at or call 415 499 1314.