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President's Message
Jan 14, 2021
By J. Timothy Nardell

MCBA's new president, Tim Nardell, discusses the new year, building community and helping others during these challenging times and previews upcoming MCBA events.

Editor's Introduction
Dec 09, 2020
By Robert Rosborough

How did such a terrible year go by so quickly? Perhaps some of you disagree and felt endless hours at home made the year drag on endlessly. However quickly it passed, it was not uneventful. With so many dramatic events unfolding so rapidly, one unsurprising result is conflict. And conflict leads to new law, from both courts and legislatures. This final 2020 issue of the Marin Lawyer covers just a few of the recent developments in the law—many, but not all, of them stemming from the pandemic.

President's Message
Dec 08, 2020
By Susan Feder

As I write my final message as MCBA President, I am filled with bittersweet memories of a year unlike any other. At the beginning of my term, I hoped to inspire connection and collegiality, having no idea that these aspirations would be even harder to achieve as of mid-March. Our country, our colleagues and our values have been put to the test this year. Yet I believe there is now a light at the end of the tunnel, and we have cause to be optimistic about 2021.

Quarterly Issue
Dec 07, 2020

The Marin Lawyer December 2020

Dec 06, 2020
By Greg Brockbank

Our political columnist offers his insights into the 2020 election results.

Nonprofit Update
By The Marin Lawyer
Dec 05, 2020

By Francine Ward
Dec 04, 2020

By The Marin Lawyer
Dec 04, 2020

President's Message
By Susan Feder
Nov 02, 2020

By J. Timothy Nardell
Nov 01, 2020
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