We have lots of great content for you this month. MCBA member Beth Arnese has written a handy summary of recent statutory developments in employment law. Of interest to me is the prohibition against relying on an employee’s prior salary to justify gender (and now ethnic) differences in salary. As a mediator, I’m familiar with gender differences in salary, including differences in negotiating; it will be interesting to see how effective this new law will be in remedying the problem.

Particularly relevant for cyclists, MCBA member Nestor Schnasse has written about the “Three Feet for Safety Act” and accidents caused when a car passes a bike, with lots of helpful advice for plaintiff lawyers and accident victims. Appellate lawyer Sharon Arkin has written about discovery referee fees so clearly and thoroughly that if you find yourself in a dispute over them, you practically have a brief written for you (or you’ll know the arguments the other side will make.)

We also have submissions from two MCBA past-presidents. Randy Wallace muses on how lessons learned as a lawyer helped him prepare for his upcoming hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. Larry Strick profiles the wonderful non-profit Community Media Center of Marin—you have no doubt watched their productions if you’ve watched any local television.

As always, I encourage our readers to also be our writers. What do you have to say to our members? Who wants to update us on recent developments in other areas of the law? Talk with me about your ideas!