The Marin Lawyers’ Meditation Group provides an opportunity for lawyers (and allied professionals, including any member of MCBA) to take a lunchtime break from their day to meditate and connect with fellow meditators. Founded by lawyers a number of years back, the group provides a space to meditate away from the office and discuss the challenges of practice—both legal and meditative.

Starting this year, the group is meeting every Thursday (instead of twice a month) at noon at 1000 4th Street, San Rafael in the second-floor conference room (No. 285.) Meetings last until 1:00 and you are welcome to bring your lunch. Everyone is welcome no matter your level of meditation experience, whether you are just beginning to meditate or have been meditating for years.

Each session starts with a 25-minute meditation (self-guided, although on rare occasion there may be a guest who leads a meditation,) followed by a chance to discuss whatever is on your mind, whether the stresses of law practice, a personal issue or questions about meditation practice. People sometimes share something they are reading or other resources (such as news about retreats) relating to meditation practice. The group is an ideal place to learn a little bit but most importantly feel supported in your own meditation practice no matter what it looks like.

Attendance is always free and no sign-up is required. There’s no formal agenda and no one goes to every session—you can just show up whenever you want. You can get on the group’s mailing list, which is mostly a reminder for each meeting, by emailing Andy Wolfe. The December, 2018 "Wellness" issue of the Marin Lawyer (which you can find here) has some articles about meditation and further useful resources in Marin.